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Southern Caswell Auctioneers began in 1974 with Morris Fuqua and Harvey Tate as the auctioneers.  The firm grew out of auctions held by the Southern Caswell Ruritan Club raising money for a club building.

The club held its first auction sale on November 18, 1967.  It was a "You Bring It, We Sell It" sale beside Walker's Washerette and cried by Morris Fuqua.  On December 14, 1968, it held its first estate auction selling the farm estate of the late J. M. Hurdle.  In 1969, the club held approximately 19 estate auctions of various kinds.

Morris Fuqua continued crying the sales until sometime in 1969 when the load became too great to continue alone.  At that time, Harvey Tate began practicing the auctioneer's chant.  At one of the "You Bring It" sales, Morris turned the microphone over to Harvey and walked off.  Harvey began performing the art of auctioneering, and after this, they began taking turns bid calling.

During this time the membership of the club took part in carrying out the auction sales.  The proceeds were use to help finance what is now the Southern Caswell Ruritan building.  No member of the club was reimbursed for the time or labor.  This continued until the building was paid for in 1974.

In 1974, the Southern Caswell Ruritan Club gave consent to Morris and Harvey to use the name Southern Caswell to begin their auction firm.  It has since continued under the name of Southern Caswell Auctioneers and has continued to have sales in the surrounding counties and in Virginia.

The past 29 1/2 years have seen many satisfactory auctions.  Harvey and Morris have sold everything from black snakes to precious antiques, farm equipment and real estate.  There are eight to nine persons working on sale day to give you satisfactory service.  Yearly, the firm performs several benefit auctions as a service to the surrounding community.

The firm suffered a great loss in October of 1995 with the death of Morris Fuqua.  Harvey says, "At my age, it will not operate 29 1/2 more years under my guidance but will be carried on by some of the present youngsters.  When you see the Southern Caswell Auction advertisements, com on.  If you don't see what you want to buy, the fellowship is always great.  And at most sales you can still buy a hot dog from the Ruritan Club."

Southern Caswell Auctioneers

199 E B Tate Road

Burlington, NC 27217

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